What we do

JD Steel Company offers a complete line of Reinforcing and Structural Steel, Concrete Accessories, Custom Fabrication, Welded Wire Mesh, and Installation. We are your full service, one stop shop for all of your steel needs.

JD Steel Company in Alaska specializes in offering the most comprehensive and high quality products and services available anywhere. Any customer; whether they are working on a personal project or a general contractor working on a large project, can contact the JD Steel team and have all of your accessories, forming, reinforcing and structural steel needs taken care of. Delivered right to your jobsite, right away.

Reinforcing Steel

At JD Steel Company, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can handle any job our customers have. The experienced employee owners at JD Steel Company will provide the highest level of quality and service in the industry.

The features and design of our production facility allow order processing time to be some of the fastest our clients will ever experience. Typically contractors can expect their orders to be ready for shipment within 24 hours. Small or emergency orders can be ready within hours. These unprecedented turnaround times are all about managing the client’s expectations.

Our production capabilities of our state of the art fabrication facility are second to none in the state. Fully stocked with 2,000 – 3,000 tons of domestic material, computerized bending machines, the largest spiral machine capabilities, fully automated shear lines, and twin cranes make this fabrication facility one of the most productive and efficient shops in the Pacific Northwest.

Our team of experienced Alaskans understand that the quality of our product will determine the successful completion of a project’s critical milestones.

Bridge work

Reinforcing Steel

  • Fabrication
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Installation
  • Custom On-Site Reinforcing Steel Fabrication
  • Stock Reinforcing Steel for Residential Construction
  • Pre-Assembled Reinforcing Steel Units

Structural Steel

Structural steel fabrication is another quality service provided by our Alaskan team. From beams and columns to embeds and joists, JD Steel Company is the preferred fabricator in Alaska. With ‘best in the business’ shop schedules and delivery times, to exceptional detailing and shop drawings, our clients experience schedule saving and performance that is unmatched in the industry.

Structural Steel

  • Fabrication of Structural and Miscellaneous Steel
  • Structural Steel Erection and Miscellaneous Steel Installation
  • Fabrication of Embeds, Beam Brackets, and Support Columns


The experts at JD Steel specialize in the installation of reinforcing steel with professional and highly qualified ironworkers, who have the ability to rapidly mobilize anywhere, at anytime. When our installation services are combined with fabrication and delivery for a complete package, our clients can focus on completing their milestones and allow our experts to schedule and perform their reinforcing needs.

Additional installation services we provide, include:

  • Post-tension Cables
  • Wire Mesh (Welded Wire Fabric)
  • Couplers
  • Formsavers
  • Stud Rails
  • Build & Stockpile of:

    • Caissons
    • Piling
    • Light Pole Bases
    • Power Transmission Line Bases
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To add to our complete package services, we offer a diverse line of concrete accessories, forming hardware, and installation accessories. With key distribution through strong manufacturers we offer our clients products such as sonotubes, dobie block, support chairs, whaler brackets, inserts, tilt panel accessories, and lifting devices. These items can be part of our complete package, delivered right to your jobsite.

As a Certified Tiltup Distributor through Dayton Superior, JD Steel Company can combine it’s experience in reinforcing steel and engineering with our product knowledge to provide our clients with the best tilt up package. From panel drawings and engineering to braces and chemicals, JD Steel will make sure your next tilt up project is a success.

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Estimating: JD Steel Company is known for accurate, timely, and complete estimates. As your partner, JD Steel utilizes its years of experience in installation of reinforcing steel to create estimates that reflect this vast knowledge. Our estimating team will help your project start off right.

Detailing: We take that same experience and knowledge into our engineering department, and develop submittal and placing drawings that are known for their clarity, accuracy, and detail. We take great pride in our in house detailers, and the cost and time savings you will experience on your project.

Logistics: JD Steel Company will always deliver. With a fleet of delivery equipment, we bring our products to your project; complete, and on time. Whether your project is in Prudhoe Bay, Fairbanks, Anchorage, or Soldotna, JD Steel will always deliver. Large or small, we will always deliver. We understand the unique Alaska challenges, and we will still deliver.

Design-Build: JD Steel Company will partner with your team, as early as needed. Our engineering team is available, knowledgeable, and willing to help in the design build process. With JD Steel, you partner with estimators, detailers, installation and fabrication experts; all helping your team’s success on your design build.

Installation: When the fabricated reinforcing steel is scheduled to arrive on your jobsite, our well trained and experienced ironworkers can be there to begin the next step of the successful project. We will handle the coordination, scheduling, unloading, and staging of materials. As the client, you provide the look-ahead schedule, and JD Steel Company will handle the entire scope of reinforcing steel. Our professional installers will meet your demanding schedule in the safest, most effective manner. You will gain back those valuable days on your schedule when you have JD Steel Company as your partner.