JD Steel Company’s Safety Value Commitment:

Safety is our chosen life style. We embrace safety as an obligation. We are committed to the well-being, self-preservation, and personal survival of every employee.

We are our brother’s keeper for whom we will not falter nor fail.

Safety is a function of our normal daily activities and we shall endeavor to uphold a personal awareness to the highest degree of excellence. We will continually provide our employees with the very best training available and demand their personal commitment to this cause.

As a very proud Employee Owned Company, JD Steel believes and lives the values stated above. We discipline ourselves through hours of training each employee. JD Steel has set the national standard in training and growing our employee-owners from within. With training programs for the newest of team members, to everyday training for the most seasoned ironworker, JD Steel focuses our efforts towards training and development.

These efforts and daily disciplines bring forth a culture that is harbored in the heart and soul of each position within this company: from the first year apprentice ironworker on his first job, to the CEO of this 44 year strong company. It is the core of what we stand for. The core of what we strive to be.

As the pioneers of such a strong safety culture, a true discipline for training, and continued education and leadership, JD Steel has committed itself to the following training programs for all employees:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • OSHA 500
  • MSHA
  • Post-Tension Certification Training
  • Forklift Certification
  • Rigging Certification
  • Signalman Certification
  • Plan Reading
  • Foreman’s Training Program
  • Safety Lead Training
  • Management Safety Training
  • Vehicle Inspection Training
  • Job Site Audits
  • Excavation Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Torch Safety Training
  • Ladder Safety
  • Fall Protection Safety
  • Apprentice Training Program
  • Advanced Foreman Training
  • CPR / First Aid Training


When safety becomes engrained within your culture, it becomes part of you. It is part of our chosen lifestyle. JD Steel Company is pioneering safety in the construction industry, and everyday will continue that mission. Because of this culture and commitment to excellence in construction safety, JD Steel is the right choice for your reinforcing steel project.